PlayStation VR Mega Pack Bundle Coming to EU With 5 Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) are well known for putting together interesting deals and bundles for virtual reality (VR) headset PlayStation VR. A lot tend to be North American-based like the recent Borderlands 2 VR and Beat Saber Bundle, but now European customers will be getting their own specialised offer. SIE has announced the PlayStation VR Mega Pack bundle which will feature five top titles.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission - Screenshot (E3 2018)

The new bundle will include the headset, PlayStation Camera, and voucher codes to digitally download the following five titles: Astro Bot Rescue Mission, WipEout Omega Collection, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, Doom VFR, and PlayStation VR Worlds.

That’s quite the variety of gameplay types, with the excellent Astro Bot Rescue Mission probably the most sought after of the bunch since it launched in October with rave reviews. VRFocus gave it a solid four stars in our review saying: “it is a great old-school platformer for the VR era, bringing some of the best features of both 2D and 3D platformers of old and incorporating VR in a way that doesn’t feel awkward. This is a fun, lighthearted way to spend some time in VR, and worth checking out.”

WipEout Omega Collection naturally offers a much more intense experience thanks to its blisteringly fast racing speeds, so it’s well worth playing after you’ve got used to VR somewhat.

Skyrim VR: VRFocus' Adventuring Life screenshot

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR is where a lot of gamers will likely spend their time as it offers the most gameplay time,  with its heavy role-playing game (RPG) mechanics there’s plenty to see and do in this massive VR experience.

Or for those after a bit more visceral, gun-toting videogame then Doom VFR has all that you need. Gaining a full five stars in VRFocus’ review, we said: “Ultimately DOOM VFR stands as a fine example of just what can be achieved with the FPS genre in VR as of today, lining-up against Robo Recall as an action-heavy experience that throws the rulebook out of the window.”

Lastly there’s original launch title PlayStation VR Worlds, which features a selection of smaller games and is a great way of introducing people to the VR experience.

The PlayStation VR Mega Pack bundle is due to launch in the UK on Monday 3rd December and 4th December in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. No official price has yet been given although some retailers have it listed for €329.00 EUR/ £290 GBP (most likely a place holder). When the official price is announced VRFocus will let you know.