Dreamscape Immersive to Open Cutting-Edge VR Centre in LA Next Month

You may remember VRFocus reporting on location-based virtual reality (VR) specialist Dreamscape Immersive opening a pop-up location in Los Angeles earlier this year to showcase its brand new experience, Alien Zoo, for a month. That was just a precursor to today’s announcement, with the company announcing today that its flagship location in Westfield Century City will open this December.

Dreamscape Immersive Lavans_Magic_ProjectorThis first location will see the introduction of three original VR adventures, designed for guests of all ages to experience the magic of immersive storytelling.

  • Alien Zoo 
    • Allows viewers to travel to a larger than life, intergalactic haven where they come face-to-face with endangered alien creatures from across the galaxy.
  • The Blu: Deep Rescue
    • Dreamscape’s co-production with WeVR, a descent into the ocean to explore dazzling underwater worlds and aquatic life soon becomes an urgent mission to rescue a trapped baby Blue Whale and unite it with its mother.
  • Lavan’s Magic Projector: The Lost Pearl
    • Inside this heart-pumping adventure, participants will be challenged to unlock clues, escape treacherous traps, and work together as they discover the secret of The Lost Pearl.

“At its heart, Dreamscape is about merging the scope and emotional power of cinema with the pure visceral excitement of a great theme-park ride — all within a totally new VR technology that allows our audience to enter into and become part of the story,” notes Walter Parkes, co-chairman of Dreamscape Immersive in a statement.

Dreamscape Immersive TheBlu

The opening marks the start of a period of rapid expansion for Dreamscape Immersive, which includes the introduction of four new stand-alone and in-theatre venues via its partnership with AMC Theatres. Markets that AMC has identified for new Dreamscape destinations, include Dallas/Ft. Worth, Columbus Ohio, and the New York/New Jersey metro area. Plans are underway to open these locations during 2019.

What sets Dreamscape VR apart from all others are the magical minds responsible for crafting such captivating, immersive experiences, the likes of which has never been seen before,” said Adam Aron, CEO and President of AMC Entertainment. “Audiences have come to expect innovations from our company, and Dreamscape and AMC are going to deliver a next-level entertainment option.”

You can purchase advance tickets for the Westfield location starting today from Dreamscape Immersive’s website. For further updates keep reading VRFocus.