Digital Catapult Examine’s the UK’s VR/AR Industry in new Content Series

Technology innovation centre Digital Catapult has been at the forefront of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) promotion within the UK. Today, it has announced a new partnership with Springwise, a global source for innovation intelligence, on a new content series of reports, podcasts and events delving into the state of immersive technology in the UK.

The first podcasts cover immersive technologies like VR and AR. Featuring guests including Rebecca Gregory-Clarke, Digital Catapult’s Head of Technology – Immersive; Janosch Amstutz, Founder and CEO of HoloMe; Alex Kitching, co-Founder of Lume; and Linda Ligios, Managing Editor at Springwise, these podcasts are now available via iTunes and SoundCloud.

“Springwise and Digital Catapult complement each other in many ways and this collaboration will enable us to combine our expertise to explore trends and innovations in the UK’s immersive landscape,” said Amanda Kamin, Director of Marketing, Communications and Events at Digital Catapult in a statement. “We are both working to connect people in the startup and scaleup community with industry and academia, and Springwise’s incisive, thought-provoking content blends with and enhances our editorial offering and in-depth industry knowledge of the immersive sector.”

Digital Catapult and SoundCloud will likely use the partnership to expand into other areas of expertise covering AI and 5G. Additionally, Springwise will be launching a special bespoke content subscription package for startup companies and those who are already part of an existing Digital Catapult programme.

“Springwise is excited to be partnering with Digital Catapult to explore the world of immersive technology, and deliver to our audience a deeper dive into the opportunities and challenges for innovators and businesses in this sector. Springwise has launched a host of new content in 2018 to help our global audience learn more about the thinking behind emerging technology and business ideas. We share a mission with Digital Catapult to discover new ways to solve big challenges and make connections and look forward to new collaborations coming out of our work together,” adds Springwise Managing Director Sophia Dempsey.

As the collaboration continues to produce further content, VRFocus will keep you updated.