Early Bird Discount Price For DreamGlass AR Headset Soon To Expire

Earlier this year, augmented reality (AR) hardware company DreamWorld sought to compete with the big names in AR and mixed reality (MR) such as Microsoft’s HoloLens by launching an affordable AR headset called DreamGlass. Now time is running out for consumers and developers to get the device at its discounted ‘Early bird’ price.

Currently developers and consumers can purchase the DreamGlass AR headset directly from the DreamWorld website for $399 (USD). This offer is set to expire on 5th December, 2018. After that, the price will take a jump up to $619.

The DreamGlass AR headset offers users a 90 degree field-of-view, along with 2.5K resolution, 3 Degrees of Freedom (3DoF) head tracking and hand gesture recognitions. The device is said to be about half a pound in weight and can tether to either a smartphone or PC.

The tethering can be done using a USB Type-C connector, which lets users interact with the AR content displayed on the headset by using the smartphone as a controller. Similarly, the device can also be connected to a PC, which is useful for development and prototyping of AR and MR content.

The company heave created a software development kit (SDK) which is based on the Unity engine. Unity is commonly used in all avenues of videogame development, and has a number of tools for creating AR and MR content, and is supported by both Windows and Android.

The creators of DreamGlass hope that by making the SDK easy to use, it will encourage developers to create new and innovative AR and MR content. The discounted early price is intended to encourage smaller and independent developers who might lack the resources of larger studios to purchase the DreamGlass and commence creating content.

DreamWorld says that all DreamGlass orders will be shipped within three days. Further information can be found on the DreamWorld website.

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