Disney Developing AR Costumes For Theme Park Visitors

Disney have been involved in immersive technology in a number of ways. From way back in the days of the ‘Disney Quest’ arcades, to recent work by the Disney Research team on virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). The House of Mouse are now aiming to bring augmented reality (AR) to its theme park guests.

When visiting one of Disney’s famous parks, one of the things everyone wants to do is get some great photographs. The new AR system that Disney is working on will let guests dress as their favourite Disney character without needing to put on a costume.

The system is being worked on by Disney Research, the technological development arm of the company, who have previously worked on other immersive projects, such as the mixed reality bench.

A study has been released by Disney Research that lets guests wear an AR costume for photo opportunities. The application has been designed to let guests see themselves wearing an outfit based on their favourite Disney character, including the famous Disney Princess line, or alternatively a Jedi or an Avenger.

The advantage of the AR-based system is that it means guests can have a virtual ‘costume’ that fits perfectly, without needing to worry about putting on a costume, which of course removes worries about hygiene or fabric allergies.

The report states: “Imagine taking a selfie and magically wearing your favorite character or hero’s suit. While we did see digital cloth added onto people in the past, it was often with a depth camera such as a [Microsoft] Kinect, which is not always reliable in outdoor conditions, and is not as widespread as monocular cameras on mobile devices.”

Disney AR Poser

The report goes on to suggest that the technology could be extended beyond selfies or PhotoPass shots, with guests able to see enhanced theme park shoes using AR smart glasses letting performers look exactly like the Disney character they are portraying.

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