SprintR VR Controller Lets Users Run And Jump In VR

Though several virtual reality (VR) experiences encourages players to roam freely through the VR environment, using the body to run or jump and be physically active. However for many users, this isn’t always possible for reasons of disability, space concerns or even just tiredness. In order to offer an alternative, SprintR have launched a controller which lets users walk, run or jump within VR without using their hands.

The SprintR controller can be used wired or wirelessly in combination with Oculus touch or HTC Vive controllers in order to provide a full-body control solution for VR.

The controller is a footpad which lets users control locomotion using the foot controller while keeping the hands free to use the HTC Vive wand controllers or Oculus Touch controllers to interact with objects or use weapons in the videogame.

“SprintR solves the VR locomotion problem that everyone’s dreaded these last 5 years; It’s that simple. You put SprintR down in-front of you, and you’re walking in VR and your hands are completely free. No more using a thumb-stick to drag yourself around, or teleporting frantically while trying to play a game. SprintR puts VR movement where it belongs, at your feet.” says Peter Kojesta, founder of SprintR.

The creators of SprintR controller say that the device can help reduce motion sickness by introducing an improved sense of body presence, and that the SprintR controller is wireless and portable and can be used with standing or seated VR and provides haptic feedback for additional immersion.

Further information can be found on the SprintR website, along with images and video of the device in use. The SprintR controller is available for purchase from the website, priced at $149 (USD).

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