Phaser Lock Interactive Showcase New Final Assault Footage at Oculus Connect 5

After revealing its Final Approach sequel Final Assault earlier this year developer Phaser Lock Interactive has stayed relatively quiet on its progress. That’s now changed today with a new gameplay trailer being shown during Oculus Connect 5. Additionally, the studio has revealed a rough launch window.

Final Assault

Like its predecessor, Final Assault is a fast paced real-time strategy (RTS) title with players having to manage both aerial and ground based personnel. This time though it’s war, themed around World War 2 players have direct control over where their troops go and who they attack. Final Assault may require careful use of the resources available but commanders don’t need to worry about base-building or resource gathering.

The new gameplay trailer showcases a battle in what looks like a European town in Winter. There’s plenty going on with both troops, tanks and fixed emplacement’s to deal with alongside all the planes whizzing around. As part of this is the new PvP mode where Allied and Axis forces take on one another, with mates vying to see whose tactics work best.

VRFocus previously previewed Final Assault, finding that: “Phaser Lock Interactive has designed Final Assault to walk a fine line between deeply tactical RTS and newcomers to both the genre and VR.”

Final Assault

Final Assault will support not only Oculus Rift but HTC Vive and PlayStation VR as well. Currently, Phaser Lock Interactive expects to launch the title by the end of the year. When further details are released VRFocus will keep you informed.