AstroReality Announces Solar System Ultimate, The New AR-Enhanced Solar System Set

Augmented reality (AR) allows developers and content creators a means to produce immersive and exciting experiences that can be used for informative, entertaining or educational purposes. Now, AstroReality have announced that they have a new product that leverages this immersive technology to provide users with a new way to explore the Solar System like never before.

Solar System Ultimate

Called the Solar System Ultimate set, the product expands on the already available Solar System Mini, EARTH and LUNAR products from the company. Featuring a complete set of models for each of the ten planets and eight moons within our Solar System, the product is designed to capture the wounder and curiosity of the human mind and give users an in-depth AR experience that not only covers necessary surface information, but also goes into detail about each celestial body. This means that users will be able to learn information such as what each one is made up of and what NASA and other space agencies have been studying.

“Our Solar System is so much more than it’s eight planets. Asteroids, Comets, Moons and dwarf planets have proven to be some of the most fascinating and dynamic places of all. With the Solar System Ultimate, the best of these worlds can be in your hands.” Explains John Roma Skok, PhD.

Solar System Ultimate

Solar System Ultimate is about exploring the cosmos and discovering new worlds all within the palm of your hands. By using a smartphone’s camera and pointing it at one of the Solar System Ultimate models, users will be able to unlock a compelling and visually stunning AR experience where they will learn all about the planets and moons including their past, present and future states.

“Solar System Ultimate is the best and newest way of learning about our Solar System with ground-breaking Augmented Reality technology, perfect for tech-savvy future generations. The precision and accuracy of the hardware coupled with the most comprehensive and interactive experience brought out by the AstroReality app will blow people’s mind.” Adds Joanne Dai.

Each model is made of polyresin and is 3D-printed with the use of hand molding and casting finishing along with a detailed hand painting to bring each one to life. This means that Solar System Ultimate can not only be an educational tool but also be a beautiful art piece that could be displayed within the home. The product is instantly recognized by AstroReality’s AR software ensuring a seamlessly experience when in use.

Solar System Ultimate is available to purchase now from the AstroReality store and is priced at $499 (USD). For more information on AstroReality in the future, keep reading VRFocus.