Life In 360°: Aerial Photography

Regular readers of this series will recall that there was a time here on VRFocus where we seemingly couldn’t go a week without there being on Life In 360° a 360 degree video involving flight in some way. We were either part of a display team, or in the cockpit of a commercial airliner. Riding in a jet fighter or being strapped to a rocket.  There was always something, and we always seemed to find it on our search. Whatever it actually was.

Lockheed MartinWednesday’s video comes from the team at Lockheed Martin.  The global security and aerospace company has made a few sporadic appearances on VRFocus down the years but the majority have been through their involvement in immersive technology software. Many of you will likely remember award-winning augmented reality (AR) experience The Field Trip To Mars, which the firm were behind.  They were also in the news last month when it was revealed Lockheed Martin are using AR to speed up spacecraft manufacturing.

Today though we’re focusing on their military connections to get a “Sky High View” with this 360 degree video from an F-16.

“Go behind the scenes with our aerial photographer to get a 360-degree view from the back of an F-16 Fighting Falcon, capturing the flight of two F-35A Lightning IIs.”

You can watch the video tomorrow.  On Friday we’ve actually got another 360 degree video from the same team, but this one isn’t all about the air.