Strategy, AR and Blockchain Form The Core of Clash & Go

The market for augmented reality (AR) smartphone videogames is one that is growing fast, according to many analysts. Kicked off by the launch of Pokemon Go, and subsequently given a shot in the arm by ARKit and ARCore, several companies are aiming to get a bit of that market. Developer Elyland is making its claim with an application of Blockchain technology for its new smartphone title Clash & Go.

Clash & Go is described as a base-building mobile videogame, which lets players manipulate the AR world, level characters and engage with other players all in an expansive sci-fi setting.

Geolocation is used along with AR to let players build cities and engage in battles which take place in real-time. The AR objects are laid over real-life locations, and the units and buildings can be upgraded.

Despite the geolocation technology, the setting is in out space, where players lay claim to an asteroid and set it up as their very own space base. From there, players will need to set up defences against attack, train up troops and level their own hero avatar.

Once you are satisfied that your base is suitable defended, players can then take a trip to other planets (by taking a walk in the real world) to find resources and artefacts that can make you stronger.

There is also a social element, with group tasks and challenges, clans available to join and group chats all of which cater towards building a community of players. Players can earn experience in a number of ways, including taking part in battles, but other methods are also available.

To assure game balance, tokenised ‘CGO token’ are handed out to players for free, and can be used to manipulate the AR world.

The title is available to download from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and the trailer can be viewed below. For further news on new and upcoming AR titles, keep checking back with VRFocus.