Hellblade PSVR Not Happening, Ninja Theory Explains

Hellblade PSVR Not Happening, Ninja Theory Explains

Yesterday brought an unexpected surprise for VR fans; Ninja Theory’s excellent adventure game, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, is coming to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive next week. Of course, whenever a PC VR game is announced, we want to know if it’s coming to Sony’s PSVR too. Sadly, that won’t be happening in this case.

Following its announcement yesterday, Ninja Theory took to Twitter to clarify that the game would not be coming to VR. The reasoning is simple: the experience is made for “very high-end” PCs. In fact, in yesterday’s announcement video, the studio stated that even PC users should have a top-end 1080 graphics card to run the experience.

It’s disappointing news, if not entirely surprising. PSVR has always struggled to keep up with PC VR games from the technical perspective, and Hellblade is far from the first Rift and Vive title to pass on coming to console (we’re looking at you, Fallout 4). The enhanced PS4 Pro console is better equipped for VR, but Sony doesn’t allow exclusive games for that platform.

Hopefully we’ll see an end to these issues when Sony finally introduces the successor to the PS4 in the years to come, though what VR support for that system will look like is anyone’s guess.

Hellblade, meanwhile, arrives on Rift and Vive on July 31st as a free update for anyone that already owns the game on Steam.

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