Llamasoft Reveal Plans for New VR Title and Polybius PC Port

Llamasoft have been in the videogame development business for quite some time, producing primarily arcade-inspired titles like the brilliant Polybius, which was released last year for the PlayStation VR. Recently Jeff Minter, one half of the Llamasoft team, announced that the company is working on a new virtual reality (VR) title.

Minter announced on Twitter that work has resumed on a stalled project which would bring Minotaur Arcade Vol 1 to PC with support for the Oculus Rift, later followed by a release on the PlayStation VR.

Minotaur Arcade Vol 1 is a compilation of two colourful arcade-style titles called Gridrunner and Goatup. They were previously released on mobile devices under the name ‘The Minotaur Project’, though the effort was something of a financial dud for the company and was pulled.

Financial success has proven elusive for Llamasoft, as shown earlier this year when Minter tweeted that Polybius had yet to break even, despite its very positive critical reception. The company were also embroiled in a dispute with Atari, who claimed Llamasoft’s PlayStation Vita title TxK violated their copyright. Thankfully that issue appears to have been resolved.

Polybius will also be getting a PC version. This had actually been planed for quite some time, but the ongoing issue with Atari put those plans in the back-burned. With those issues resolved, Polybius can now go on to wow audiences on Steam.

Jeff Minter has confirmed that the Llamasoft crew (all two of them) are preparing the Steam store for the launch of Polybius and Minotaur Arcade Vol 1. Both will come with optional Oculus Rift support, along with standard Steam features such as leaderboards and achievements.

Furthermore, Minter has indicated on Twitter that Llamasoft expects that all its future videogames will have some manner of VR support going forward, so fans can expect much more immersive enjoyment from that corner. A video of some Gridrunner gameplay is available to view below.

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