MixCast Livestreaming Application Now Available

MixCast, the livestreaming program for virtual reality (VR), has finally released making its powerful streaming features available to anyone. MixCast allows users to create, share and broadcast mixed reality (MR) content to any audience, with almost any equipment, application and filming environment.

With livestreaming being such a popular entertainment source and marketing tool for developers and content creators around the world, the power to stream MR content is a big set forward for the industry. Normally users would need to set up a complex filming environment making use of green screens and software to blend the real world with the virtual one. MixCast allows users to do that with a simple, easy to use solution that walks them through the process of setting up the scene, removing the background and preparing to broadcast.

Thanks to MixCast’s WildKey feature, there is no need for a green screen. Depending on the location you are playing in the software is able to adapt and remove the background with ease including expanded capabilities for depth cameras, and support for a large range of cameras and features.

Once everything is calibrated and set up, MixCast is able to communicate with almost any Unreal Engine or Unity VR application to enable real-time MR streaming and recording. The applications of this range of creating trailers and trade show demonstrations to livestreaming the latest VR title to an audience of any size. Thanks to the flexibility of MixCast, users and leverage the technology for any situation and make use of the powerful solution to fit there needs.

The team behind MixCast, Blueprint Reality talked about the recent 2.0 update back in June where Ben Sheftel, co-founder and CTO said: “We painstakingly architected the MixCast 2.0 feature set based on the wants and needs of our MixCast developer, creator and user community. We are introducing a new level of freedom to every aspect of the platform – from no green screen capture, to multiple camera support, to our own recording and streaming tools. MixCast 2.0 equips all levels of users with the tools they need to create and share in mixed reality.”

MixCast is available now on Steam for free and for more on the application and Blueprint Reality, keep reading VRFocus.