Polyarc Discuses Wanting To Make Moss Chapter Two In Interview

It is no surprise to anyone that Polyarc’s virtual reality (VR) title Moss has been a runaway success gaining a rather big and loving community around the title and it’s cute protagonist Quill. As fans ask for more it seems that this is just what Polyarc want to see as well as Game Director, Danny Bulla revealed in a recent interview with VRFocus’ Nina Salomon.


Moss first released on PlayStation VR back in February of this year and quickly became a popular release among games of all ages. This growing love and support for the title has not gone amiss as Bulla explains when asked about how the reception of the title has gone: “Yeah, yeah it’s great, everyone has been really accepting it and taking it in and growing attachment to Quill which is really exciting for us.”

Besides the beautiful artwork and the lovable Quill, one of the features that has made Moss a standout title is it’s use of sign language as a means to allow Quill to communicate with the player character. This has been widely seen as a groundbreaking move to make videogames more accessible and it turns out this, along with removing other limitations, was a key focus for the team of 15 at Polyarc.

“One of our big goals from the get go was to make sure that as many people could experience Moss and get transport into the world as much as possible.” Bulla explains: “And so after we shipped on PlayStation VR it was a priority for us to get it out to Oculus and HTC Vive and only expand globally in terms of the languages that we support now. It was important for us that it wasn’t limiting for people to be able to play the game and that they could go there and so it’s been really cool so far to see all the different people in different parts of the world starting to play Moss that couldn’t before.”

Moss screenshot

Of course with all the success and support from the community one question has been asked more than any other. Will their be a Moss chapter two? It turns out that Polyarc not only want to make another installment of Moss but have plans to tell a much larger story if possible. “We have like, if we are fortunate enough to make it, we have a larger story that we want to tell.” Bulla adds: “As a small studio like us it’s important to find ways to make games that we can continue to tell the stories in the way we want to tell them and so right now we’re in the position where we just got it out on PC and we’re really engaged with the community, getting feedback and fixing issues and trying to support them as much as we can but yeah, this is part of the next step for Polyarc is trying to build the bridge so we can keep telling stories of Moss and find ways to do that.”

Bulla continoues to explaind that for the team, who have put so much time and engery into making the VR title, seeing the community become so engaged with it is more than enough pay off for the work. Being able to transport players to the world of Moss and tell the stories of the world and Quill is what the team hope they can keep doing. As for making other titles, Bulla added: “We always have lots of ideas, but right now Moss, and the world of Moss and Quill is our priority.”

You can see the full interview below when Bulla goes into more detail on a number of Moss related questions and topics and for more on Moss in the future, keep reading VRFocus.