Edutainment Title Number Hunt Comes to Steam Early Access

Since the days of the early microcomputers, edutainment titles have been a source of both joy and frustration for children and parents. While some children might prefer something with more action and less learning, its hard to deny that virtual reality (VR) can be used to positive effect when it comes to education. Developer PaleBlue XYZ hopes to tap into that potential with VR mathematics videogame Number Hunt.

Most shooters only test your reflexes and aiming skills, Number Hunt adds in an additional twist in that you need to make your your calculations are correct before you open fire.

Addition, multiplication, subtraction and division are all weapons at your disposal, which can be controlled with the press of a button, and you’ll need to choose the right one before taking aim at any of the numbers on the screen in order to achieve the target number.

Up to four players can engage each other in a battle of arithmetic and shooting skills. Players can unlock special skills such as the Pluzooka, Double Barrel and Negative Charge by gathering the power-ups.

Number Hunt was created by a two-person team, and is currently in Steam Early Access, with plans for the title to be released as a full version in November 2018. The developers hope to add more levels as well as add new achievements and support for a range of other languages.

The Early Access version has support for both single player and online multiplayer, with five maps available. Players can customise their character in the lobby area and create teams. A claw machine will soon be available which will let players unlock special prizes.

The team at PaleBlue XYZ are hoping to engage the community to get feedback and new ideas, with various support channels available via the official PaleBlue XYZ website.

Number Hunt is compatible with HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality devices, and is priced at £19.49 (GBP). Further information can be found on the Steam Store page. As usual, VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on new and upcoming VR content.