Graham & Brown Introduce AR App To Help With Wallpaper Decorating Visualization

Anyone who has tried their hand at DIY knows that sometimes it can be hard to finding the right wallpaper to help finish off decorating a room. That is where Graham & Brown has see a chance to release the first interior design app of it’s kind that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to help users visualize and find the best wallpaper for their house.

Graham & Brown AR 01

The app works by allowing users to scan their environment and then not only preview the wallpapers on the walls, but also calculate automatically how many rolls their will need in order to complete the redecorating. It’s a app that has been designed and developed in-hour through the Future Innovations Panel at Graham & Brown, utilizing the latest AR technology built into the latest Apple iPhone’s and iPad’s.

“People love the thought of using wallpaper but often struggle to visualize what it will be like on their walls. Whilst there is a lot of inspiration to be found socially, online and in magazines, making that jump to what it will look like in your own space is a challenge for most of us. This app makes it easy and is very intuitive. You can save your favourites or take an image of your creation to review and share. If you like what you see you can buy it then and there,” said Alan Kemp, Head of Brand at Graham & Brown.

Graham & Brown AR 02

To use the app all a user needs to do is start looking at the room through the device’s cameras and begin visualizing the new wallpaper. Thanks to the AR technology being used, users can walk around and see the room from any angle, with different light sources and even get up close and person to see the intricate detailing of the wallpaper designs. All of this is handled and rendered in real-time, ensuring the user does not have to wait around in order to find the ideal wallpaper for their room.

“The aim was to make something intuitive, accessible and quick to use, that uses technology to solve the age-old visualising problem. We’ve seen in testing that people are far bolder in their choices because they’ve seen exactly how a paper might look.” said Paul Martin Head of IT at Graham & Brown.

You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store now and for more stories like this in the future make sure to keep reading VRFocus.