Budget Cuts Bloopers Video Shows AI Going Haywire

Budget Cuts Bloopers Video Shows AI Going Haywire

It’s not often you see a developer embrace bugs, but like us, Neat Corporation can find the humor in mechanical robots going haywire as they attempt to pick up a cup.

The Swedish developer this week posted a video of its highly anticipated VR game, Budget Cuts, ahead of launch on May 31st. Rather than an epic launch trailer with cinematic flair, though, the team instead decided to show off some of its favorite bloopers that cropped up over the course of development, specifically to do with AI.

You can see the game’s pedestrian workbots, which usually traipse around the office-like levels in mundane fashion, lose their marbles over glitches. We’re especially fans of the times in which they all seem to be impersonating Homer Simpson’s chicken dance on the floor.

Budget Cuts was recently delayed by a few weeks, so it’s good to see that Neat Corp is confident enough in the final product to poke fun at some of the hiccups it’s faced along the way. The game has players sneaking through a facility patrolled by robots like these using an innovative teleportation mechanic.

Look for Budget Cuts to arrive on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in just over a weeks’ time.

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