Meitu Displays Achievement Of Globalization Process At Google I/O

At the recent Google I/O 2018 developer conference held in Mountain View, California, China’s leading mobile internet company Meitu was a key partner and contributor during the Firebase presentation session during the conference. Meitu have collaborated with Google on a number of global advertising campaigns and on the Firebase platform. The two firms have plans to explore further opportunities for ongoing cooperating in the further which will see their relationship grow further.

Meitu - Logo

Meitu has continued to position itself as a world leader in the augmented reality (AR), technology and internet industries by developing new products and partnerships that push the industries forward. The firm launched the popular app PartyNow earlier this year on both iOS and Android devices which took advantage of Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit. The PartyNow app allows user a chance to easily create their own AR special efforts short films, which faster became a popular app when it released. Back in July 2017, Facebook announced that Meitu would be the first partner for their Facebook AR Studio’s Beta cooperation program, with Meitu providing three AR camera effects as part of the deal.

The ongoing cooperation between Meitu and many of the world’s leading technology and internet companies reflects the success of the business globalization efforts. The company has more than 500 million users of their products outside of its home market, supported by operations in Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and the United States. Meitu have been able to achieve this global reach thanks to the establishment of local teams to research the markets in which they want to have a presence, and have those team design or update the products to better meet the expectations and preference of local users.

Meitu attends the Google IO

One of the companies more successful apps is the Meitu App which was included in Time Magazine’s list of top 25 recommend apps of the year in 2017, which also features other big named apps such as Super Mario and Instagram. Time Magazine commented: “the Meitu App has been popular in Asia for years and, recently, its huge popularity has expanded to the USA. It may be that you have not heard of the Meitu App, but you have certainly seen the special effects produced by the app on Instagram and Facebook, especially the feature that allows users to create a hand-painted cartoon-style version of their selfie. The feature has helped the Meitu App gain momentum worldwide soon after its launch.”

Meitu founder and CEO Wu Xinhong commented on this adding: “Everyone seeks beauty. As a technology company with a deep understanding of what constitutes beauty, we are particularly well positioned to expand across the world. By partnering with Google, Apple and Facebook, among other leading global tech firms, we are committed to helping more people realize their dreams.”

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