Racing to Sit Still with E-Virtuality

Immersive cinema is one of the ways that virtual reality (VR) is entering into mainstream consciousness. Location-based VR experiences allow people to test out VR without the expensive of buying a full VR rig themselves. One company who are becoming involved in this industry is E-Virtuality.

E-Virtuality are introducing a new VR 5D experience at Futuroscope in France, the Sebastien Loeb Racing Experience.Futuroscope is France’s second largest theme park, receiving 1.9 million a year. The park is based around multimedia and audio-visual techniques, featuring several 3D ad 4D cinemas, which are now joined by a VR 5D theatre.

For the 2018 season, guests will be able to strap in to take part in a race alongside 9-times World Champion race driver Sebastien Loeb in his Rally Peugeot 208 WRX. Visitors will be taken on a high-speed trip through the countryside on a special mission to deliver a precious flask of antidoe to a nearby hospital in order to aid the victims of a chemical spill.

A representative of Futuroscope said: “We were looking for an innovative and immersive VR experience for our guests. We knew we wanted to honor Sebastian Loeb, the nine times French World RallyChampion (WRC), in a 360° real 6K film, but we couldn’t find an adequate Ride System to match the film until E-Virtuality introduced us with e-Ms6 electrodynamic motion

seat. We quickly assessed the potential of this new motion seat and made the decision to go ahead with it for the new attraction. Then, drawing on our experience with simulation, we launched our Fab Lab and added some special SFX to complement this exciting new guest experience.”

The experience is mode possible by using the electrodynamic motion seat, which used 6DoF (Degrees of Freedom) for a realistic experience.

Further information on E-Virtuality is available on the company website, while information and tickets for the Futuroscope theme park can be found on the Futuroscope website. News on new and upcoming VR attractions will continue to be reported on VRFocus.