Rem From Re:Zero Comes To HoloModels, The AR Anime Figure App

Earlier this year VRFocus reported on the release of a new augmented reality (AR) app called HoloModels, released by Japanese company Gugenka from CS-REPORTERS.INC. The app allows user to build a collection of anime figures within virtual space and decorate their surrounding with them. Now, HoloModels has announced a new figure is coming to the app as part of a collaboration with the popular anime series Re:Zero.

HoloModels Rem

The collaboration sees the character Rem having been released as an additional figure who can be purchased within the app. Rem comes in her iconic maid outfit complete with a number of items to allow users to pose her however they want. From action scenes to having her prepare breakfast, HoloModels allows users to place, pose and capture their virtual figure collection however they wish.

Rem also comes with a few extras including a cutout of one of the enemies from Re:Zero which can be used to set up fight scenes. With the included posable morning star weapon, Rem can deliver justice to anyone or anything that the user so wishes. A number of posable hands and stickers also come with the purchase of the Rem pack offering new options for users to build scenes. Of course, these can be mixed with the other characters and items meaning the limit is only the users imagination and available items.

HoloModels Rem

When placed in the world, Rem and the other characters with HoloModels, can be posed and adjusted up to a life-size scale allowing users to then walk around them in full 360. Users are able to adjust Rem’s facial expression as well to help set the tone of the scene. Once everything is set up and in place users are able to take photos and then share them over social media to share off their collection.

Later this year there will be another new character coming to HoloModels in the form of a life-size Yui model from the One Room VR app, which is being demonstrated at an upcoming event in Tokyo on 3rd May. HoloModels is currently available to download for free on iOS devices running iOS 11 and up with an Android release planned.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on HoloModels and its future collaborations so stay tuned for more.