Photo Studio AR Puts A Complete Photo Studio In Your Pocket

If you are a photographer looking to experiment new ideas then augmented reality (AR) might be the way forward, thanks to a new app from Superba AR. With Photo Studio AR users can turn their mobile device and their surrounding environment into a fully equip studio and create the ultimate photo shoot.

Photo Studio AR 01

Developed by Superba AR, the new app for iOS and Android devices gives users a wide range of tools and equipment to conjure up the studio setup they want, experimenting with ideas, without needing to purchase all the gear. Users will be able to pick a model from a number of both male and female models, pick an outfit, select a pose and then start building the rest of the set before taking pictures. One of the interesting features is that the models are ‘alive’ and will even move around impatiently if a user takes to long.

The built in AR lighting and studio kits along for users to set up the scene however they want, making changes on the fly. They also have control over the direction of the sun, meaning no matter the time of day every shot can be perfect. Thanks to the built in filters, users can even apply colour correction and filters in real-time offering plenty of ways to set up your shots and bring you ideas to life.

Photo Studio AR 02

Though users can walk around the AR scene to position items, models and equipment, a camera model can be placed into the scene for taking pictures with. These photos can be shared on social media or stored locally and aid in pre-production of photo shoot by allowing photographers a chance to visualize how the shoot might be set up. With the built-in camera, they can also prepare a shoot list before hand with a visual reference of what they are looking to achieve.

Photo Studio AR was headed up by a Hollywood visual effects technician that also assisted on Snapchat filters which recent reveal their Shoppable AR lenses. Photo Studio AR is available now for both iOS and Android devices for the small price of $10 (USD) with in-app purchases available for additional models. You can see a demo of the app in the below video which gives an idea of how the elements come together.

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