Pull the Strings in Your own Puppet Show With Puppet Fever

Earlier today Coastalbyte Games’ launched its Charades style virtual reality (VR) experience Puppet Fever on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. VRFocus previewed the title and recorded some gameplay video showcasing some of the fun features players will be able to enjoy.

Puppet Fever IndianaJones

Puppet Fever was announced back in August 2017, after Swedish indie developer Coastalbyte Games participated in a hackathon at Dreamhack, winning a meeting with Coffee Stain Publishing, the publisher and organizer of the hackathon.

The videogame is designed as a local multiplayer party experience involving four players. One dons the VR headset and becomes the puppeteer, acting out various themes and phrases using an assortment of items. While the other three then have to guess what the hell the VR player is trying to illustrate.

There’s a massive range of objects to choose from, human characters that can be dressed up and animated, animals, landscape items like mountains and water to set the scene alongside smaller items like tables, food, guns, spaceships and much more.

Puppet Fever inside

Once the the non-VR players have guessed correctly and the rounds have ended it’s time for the headset to swap to another player and the whole process begins again. Once everyone has had their turn the winner is the one who’s correctly guessed the most times.

As you’ll see in the gameplay video below VRFocus decided to test Puppet Fever when there was no one else about, testing out the singleplayer aspect of the title. As you can probably imagine playing Charades against a bunch of bots isn’t quite the same as involving a few mates – it also makes recording gameplay footage harder – as the bots tend to announce the right answer fairly quickly. As Puppet Fever really relies upon that atmosphere created by a few friends together it doesn’t quite have the same sparkle.

Puppet Fever can be downloaded now via Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. As development progresses VRFocus will keep you updated on new content releases.