AR Mobile Title UnicornGo Begin Offering First Generation Unicorns

Last month the team behind UnicornGo, the videogame featuring cryptocurrency, augmented reality (AR) and unicorns revealed their title to the world and now they are ready to let users become owners of the mythological cryptocreatures.

UnicornGo Logo

UnicornGo is a title that takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver a unique gaming experience that features cryptocurrency and collectible unicorns built using realistic genetics. The title makes use of it’s only currency in the form of CandyCoin, backed by famous venture investor Alexander Borodich, using smart contracts on the Ethereum platform and has a release cap of 12,000,000 tokens.

Currently CandyCoin is being traded on the ForkDelta exchange, alongside being listen for voting on Cobinhood and other popular cyrpto exchanges. The team plans to move to the Universa blockchain next, offer faster transactions and almost zero fees. All of this will be the backbone to what will be a mobile videogame, using the collectible unicorns, playable in AR with integration into the real world.

Alongside the use of AR within UnicornGo, the development team have worked together with BasisNeuro to create a neural interface that allows users to control their unicorns with the power of thought. The goal will be to bring UnicornGo to a state where users can interact within the real world all through the power of thought, creating an engaging experience which will require next to no hand input.

UnicornGo Artwork 01

The first generation of unicorns, GEN-0, are currently limited to 30,000 and are available to purchase through the titles official website. The predecessors to all subsequent generations, the GEN-0 unicorns are an investment opportunity and will be subject to profitable gains as the title developers. As an added bonus any player who is able to find a Legendary Unicorn will be a $10,000 (USD) prize from the UnicornGo team as a way of thanks for supporting the title. As the unicorns will be the backbone of the market within UnicornGo, each one will be subject to different values depending on a number of different traits and genetic values.

Though still early in development, the team behind UnicornGo are working hard to bring more to the title and ensure that users have plenty of exciting features to experience, alongside looking after their cryptounicorns.

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