The Future Of A Zombie Apocalypse, Vertigo Games On Arizona Sunshine’s DLC

Arizona Sunshine has proved to be a popular title for those searching for a fun virtual reality (VR) experience involving zombies and shooting, combining tight gameplay mechanics and excellent graphics. John Coleman of developer Vertigo Games talks about the new Dead Man DLC and how VR accessories can change the state of play.

John Coleman is the Director of Business Development at Vertigo Games and he spoke to Nina about the development of Arizona Sunshine, what’s coming up in the latest DLC and what fans can expect in the future.

Arizona Sunshine screenshot

Vertigo Games is very pleased with how successful Arizona Sunshine has been, which is one reason why the company is continuing to support the title with the additional content in the form of DLC. The Dead Man DLC adds a prequel story, which covers the initial response to the zombie outbreak.

The Dead Man DLC has the player trying to make their way into a military base with the goal of launch missiles that might stand a chance of containing the situation. The events take place when there is still an active fight going on against the zombies, and before humanity is reduced to just hiding and struggling to survive.

Coleman says that the DLC allows for players to get more narrative out of the story, and give wider context for the events that take place in the main campaign s well as giving players a different style of gameplay. Dead Man DLC also introduced four-player co-operative gameplay, where the main campaign was limited to two-player co-op.

Also introduced was the PP Gun, which sports a HTC Vive tracker and comes equipped with haptic feedback and is one of the accessories that Vertigo Games are adding support for in Arizona Sunshine.

Arizona Sunshine screenshot

The full interview is available to view below. The Dead Man DLC is due for release sometime in Spring 2018, and will retails for $2.49 (USD). Further news on Arizona Sunshine and other upcoming VR projects will be here on VRFocus.