Robot Invaders Horror Mystery Dead Secret Confirmed for PlayStation VR

One of the earliest and best virtual reality (VR) horror puzzle titles was Robot Invaders Dead Secret for Samsung Gear VR back in 2015. In the following years the studio has expanded support for the title, bringing it to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in 2016 whilst announcing a sequel last year. Today, Frame Interactive has revealed Dead Secret will now be coming to PlayStation VR. 

Dead Secret PSVR

Dead Secret is a mystery thriller set in rural Kansas in 1965 where you play as an ambitious journalist on a mission to make headlines. You arrive at the house of Harris Bullard, a reclusive man with a mysterious past who was found dead in his study five days previous. No foul play is suspected, least of all the police. But as a journalist looking for the next big story you know better: this is murder, and it’s up to you to prove it.

As you find items, solve puzzles, and collect evidence to name the murderer and make headlines the murderer is hot on your trail, so you must avoid getting cornered. Depending on the choices that you make along the way you’ll encounter one of five different endings.

There doesn’t appear to be any PlayStation VR specific improvements or additions to Dead Secret other than the ability to play the title in VR and non-VR modes.

Dead Secret PSVR_1

VRFocus reviewed Dead Secret when it originally arrived for Gear VR giving it five-stars at the time: “Dead Secret is a wholly enjoyable experience for the handful of hours which it lasts. An easy recommendation for both experienced VR enthusiasts and newcomers to the Gear VR, Dead Secret is one of the best launch titles available for the consumer edition of the device.” How well it holds up almost three years later remains to be scene, as there are plenty of puzzle experiences available for PlayStation VR.

Dead Secret will be available for PlayStation VR on 24th April 2018. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Robot Invader, reporting back with any further updates.