Multiplayer RPG Preta: Vendetta Rising to Find its way to PlayStation VR This Week

YJM Games, the publisher behind Smashing the Battle VR and OVERTURN, launched Illion Games’ RPG adventure Preta: Vendetta Rising into Steam Early Access last year for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Having been fully release for both platforms, Preta: Vendetta Rising is now scheduled to arrive on PlayStation VR this week.

Preta: Vendetta Rising screenshot

The story in Preta: Vendetta Rising puts you in the fantasy world of Akirion, a place that’s been ravaged by a virus turning everything into dangerous monsters called Pretas. Inspired by videogames such as Dark Souls, Diablo, and Monster Hunters, you play a mercenary hired to save the day. So its up to you (with the option of adding two friends) to head out on a hack’n’slash adventure with more than 50 hours of gameplay.

Featuring a fully featured crafting system to help you on your quest, you’ll be able to make powerful weapons, armour, accessories and other useful items. You’ll also be able to raise and train your own pets to help fight the myriad of monsters and boss battles.

Just like most RPG’s Preta: Vendetta Rising has three characters for you to chose from. Marcus is the traditional warrior type, big muscles, knight armour and a deadly sword. Then there’s Alicia a much more nimble close quarter specialist who’s weapon of choice is the chain sword. Finally, for those who like to wield magic there’s Reina; she maybe a child but she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Preta: Vendetta Rising screenshot

Want to know whether its worth picking up? Well its the only title coming to PlayStation VR this week, and it happened to be included in VRFocus’ “The Best Oculus Rift Games You’ve Never Played“, saying that: “Some may call it formulaic, others will invest 20 hours into the videogame before they realise it.”

Preta: Vendetta Rising will launch for PlayStation VR on Thursday, 29th March 2018 in both North America and Europe. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Illion Games and YJM Games, reporting back with the latest updates and announcements.