Mojiit Partner With Quan To Bring 3D AR To Social Network Users

Augmented reality (AR) social media platform Mojiit has announced that they will be partnering with top Japanese mobile developer Quan.


The partnership will see Mojiit’s technology brought across to Quan’s content catalog and distribution platforms to help bring AR to more users. The partnership, which is effective immediately, will broaden Mojiit’s reach to more then 2.3 billion users worldwide and conver all of Quan’s characters to 3D AR for people to share on their favorite sites including Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, Kik and more.


Jeremy Greene, the found of Mojiit, commented on the new partnership by stating: “Quan is the biggest sticker provider in the world. With Mojiit, it can now offer its stickers, games, content and characters in 3D augmented reality for its global users to enjoy and share, we’re thrilled to provide Mojiit’s technology to the billions of people who use and enjoy Quan products on their favorite sites and social networks.”

Mojiit was founded in 2017 with the goal of being AR and other technologies to the social and mobile web. Already having a proven track record in creating and scaling popular social networks, Jeremy Greene designed Mojiit to embrace the latest technology. Allowing users to create 3D avatars of themselves or anyone they wanted to be, which can then be peer-to-peer shared with other users, along with leveraging content created by peers for their own social expression and experiences. By partnering with Quan, Mojiit will expand its reach to a broader, multinational user base which will offer more opportunities for growth and expression as technologies continue to develop.

Quan CEO Kazuhiro Mizuno commented on the partnership by saying: “We are very excited to partner with Mojiit and leverage its technology for our users and platforms.”

Mojiit is usable on smartphones and mobile devices, taking advance of AR technology not just for messaging but also for gamified location driven engagement. This element of Mojiit rewards users with status and influence in locations that their avatar is often at. Additionally, Mojiit has available third-party integrations that will allow for location targeted advertising and the sale of custom digital products to users, such as clothing or accessory. Mojiit is currently in development and set to be made available to the public soon.

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