Reality Clash Developer Diary – Part Six

Ahead of the actual Reality Clash videogame launch in Q3 of 2018, we’re pleased to announce that a companion app, called the Reality Clash Armoury, will be arriving later this month.

Reality Clash ArmouryWith the full Reality Clash title in full production, we realise that our supporters are keen to see updates as we progress – giving them the opportunity to provide feedback on the project. The new Armoury app, which will be available on iOS and Android, will allow the user to ‘try before you buy’ – in short, allowing them to test and play with all of the guns that will be available in the full videogame before it’s released.

What is the Reality Clash Armoury?  

This new app utilises the phone camera and real-time 3D gun animation, displaying an AR view of the world on the screen. It’s a fun and interactive way of seeing the exclusive weapons available to folks who invested in our ICO last year.

New guns will be released weekly and automatically downloaded into the app for people to play with for free. Users will be able to pinch-zoom up close on 3D images and change weapon skins instantly.

Once they’ve chosen a gun – BOOM – they can see it in a real-time AR environment and start shooting.

Reality Clash ArmouryHow does this help with the development of the core title?

Quite simply, it offers us a fantastic opportunity to get weapons in players’ hands during the creative process and get what will be valuable feedback.

The Armoury uses our BaaS system – which was discussed in the last update – to store the weapon economy and assets. This means we can download new weapons directly to the app without the user needing to do anything. Using the BaaS and the weapons systems early helps us iron out any problems that may arise before the release of the core app.

It also allows us to discover and address any compatibility issues with different handsets while in development, so they can be fixed before we release the full videogame.

When will the online armoury store launch?

The online armoury store will also open for business in March. Gamers/traders/collectors will be able to use their RCC currency to obtain limited edition weapons, which they can either hold for speculative purposes or equip in-game to dominate the enemy.

More detailed information about the online Armoury Store will be released in the next few weeks, and we’ll provide additional information about how the Armoury store will develop and evolve over the coming months.

Stay tuned, March is going to be a BIG month with plenty of announcements from Reality Clash.