Stuck in an Apartment During a Zombie Apocalypse, It’s Time to Throw Anything to Survive

You know the scenario. You’re chilling at home in your apartment binge watching Netflix when all of a sudden you find out the zombie apocalypse has erupted on the streets below. People are getting mangled and chewed up left and right creating hordes of ravenous, brain eating corpses. Do you go outside, hell no! Instead you look out the window and find these undead creatures scaling your building, all looking for an open window to clamber through and get their munch on. So it’s time to fight back with anything to hand, kettle, throw it, those old Creedence tapes you’ve been hoarding for some reason, time to let loose. And that’s the basic idea behind Visual Light’s new virtual reality (VR) title Throw Anything. 

Launched this week on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, Throw Anything is a simply arcade style experience that involves you throwing all sorts of items at climbing zombies to knock them off the building.

Each level has its own particular traits, so the first is someones bedroom with furniture to fling, sports equipment, books, a radiator and loads more. You can even smash larger items up into small pieces so you’ve got more ammo. The majority of the level has your basic zombie type, so depending on how large or heavy the item is they should be knocked of in one or two hits. At the end of each level however there’s a boss so make sure you’ve left the best items to last.

As you can tell from VRFocus’ gameplay video this is sometimes easier said than done. Smaller items might just whistle past putting you in danger of being munched on. Larger items like a mattress are not only good for getting rid of one zombie, time it right and you’ll be able to take out multiples. There’s no score to speak of, just a limited amount of zombies to dispatch on each level plus the boss.

Throw Anything Stage5_1

If the video below looks fun you can always check out VRFocus’ preview of Throw Anything to find out what we thought of the early access title. For updates on Throw Anything, keep reading VRFocus.