AR Title Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird Coming to iOS in March

In December 2017, indie developer Funbakers, along with publisher Playdius announced work on an augmented reality (AR) title for iOS devices called Silent Streets: The Mockingbird’s Last Dive. Today, the teams have confirmed an official launch date as well as a slight name change to Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird.

Silent Streets screenshot1

Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird is an interactive detective videogame where players find themselves in the town of Snowport, investigating a series of bloody murders in the first chapter of this 19th century Victorian era mystery. Powered by Apple’s ARKit, players need to investigate objects and places of interest to uncover clues and evidence.

While the AR side will place in game objects into the real world for players to investigate, Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird will also switch as the story requires to dialogue sequences and other non-AR imagery. Here players will have to make decisions that’ll have their own repercussions, altering the story with each decisions they make.

Written by Richard Cobbett, a renowned games journalist and writer for Fallen London, Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies, and Long Journey Home, Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird aims to keep players engaged and investigating through the sagas many twists and turns.

Silent Streets screenshot2

“We want to support premium, story-driven games — particularly, truly original titles that will encourage players to think and play outside of the box,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing at Playdius in a statement. “With its gripping story and unique AR gameplay mechanics, Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird is a perfect follow up to Playdius’ recent release of the critically acclaimed mobile adventure title Bury Me, My Love.”

Silent Streets: The Mocking Bird will be available from 1st March, 2018 exclusively for iOS devices and coming soon for Android devices. Players can pre-order the first episode of the Silent Streets mystery saga on the App Store today for $2.99 USD. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Silent Streets, reporting back with the latest announcements.