Zeiss VR’s Dave Hodgson Shows Us the New One Connect Steam VR HMD

Playing big budget virtual reality (VR) videogames on a beefy PC is a dream come true for many VR fans, but for others, it’s still just a bit too far out of the ideal price range. Zeiss VR have seized this opportunity, and with their new Zeiss VR One Connect head-mounted display (HMD), they intend to bring the wealth of content Steam VR has to offer to those without expensive HMDs, and instead will allow users to experience everything with just the HMD shell and your mobile phone. The device was displayed at CES 2018, Las Vegas, and the company is excited to launch the product soon.

Nina got the low down on the new HMD directly from Zeiss Team Leader Dave Hodgson, and in the interview video below he reveals to us Zeiss VR’s logic behind their new product and their future plans.

After the release of the Zeiss VR One Plus the company quickly learned that although people love the HMD, they needed more and more content to be able to view, use and experience. That’s where the new Zeiss VR One Connect comes in, a very similar product that will essentially become a Steam VR compatible VR HMD. It’ll come with two VR controllers, which will give users access to hundreds of Steam VR videogames and experiences, completely solving the issue of not enough content.

By Hodgson’s own admission, the experience isn’t quite up to the standard of other HMDs on the market, such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, but user impressions are incredibly favourable, with higher latency than the other HMDs, but overall a much better performance than many would expect from a mobile phone acting as a display.

The best part is that users of both Android and iOS devices will be able to use the Zeiss VR One Connect, going back as far as the iPhone 6. It’s a great piece of kit which offers an interesting entry point to VR for budget conscious consumers.

You can see the full interview and Nina trying out the device in the video below, for all of the latest information on Zeiss VR, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.