Google Launch Update for Blocks VR Modelling App

Google’s attempt to democratise 3D modelling so it was usable by everyone was launched six months ago, going by the name Blocks, also known as Google Blocks or Blocks by Google. In the period since launch, a number of fascinating and wonderful creations have emerged, but as have some limitations and issues with the software. Google is attempting to address those issues with its latest update.

Responding to feedback gathered from the community of Google Blocks users, some changes and new features are being added with the update. Firstly, many users said that the brightness stark desert modelling environment could be hard on the eyes during long sessions, so multiple environment options have been added, including plain black and plain white options – though apparently the plain black environment includes a small Easter Egg for those who look up.

The ‘Snap’ feature has also seen some alteration in order to make it more predictable and controllable where objects will sit when snapped together. A half-trigger press will allow users to see a guide line. There are also new guide line options for snapping meshes together.

Some other requested features are not yet able to be fully implemented, but users can try them out with the new Prototype feature mode. A beaker icon in the menu will allow users to access early versions of features such as Non-coplanar face mode, which allows users to avoid creating extra triangles when creating objects. Loop Subdivide creates a loop around an object so it can be precisely subdivided. Users can also use this mode to let the eraser tool delete an edge, face or vertex.

For more precise placement and measurements, the volume insertions ruler and worldspace grids can be enabled. The workspace grid will show a grid across every side of your worldspace. While the volume insertion ruler lets users measure objects relative to others.

The features under the Prototype mode are still experimental, so users could experience bugs or glitches when using them.

The latest version of Google Blocks is available to download from Stream or the Oculus Store. VRFocus will bring you further updates on this software as it becomes available.