In Death Gets February Release Date

Sólfar Studio rose to prominence after the release of EVEREST VR, which received much praise for its immersive climbing experience, created with the aid of animation firm RVX. The Icelandic company have now turned to something a bit more esoteric with upcoming shooter/roguelike hybrid In Death.

In Death presents the player with a somewhat bleak premise – what if the afterlife was not all it was cracked up to be? What if you strove to lead a virtuous life, but instead of pearly gates and choirs of angels, you were forced to fight for your very existence?

The player will find themselves in the abandoned ruin of heaven, where forsaken souls, angelic creatures and dark demons lurk throughout its crumbling ruins. The player takes the role of the only soul daring enough to brave the depths of the afterlife to restore light and harmony.

Gameplay takes the form of a shooter, where players need to take out dangerous creatures while exploring procedurally generated environments containing monsters, hidden mysteries and, of course, loot. Players can choose to equip a bow and arrow and shoot down monsters from afar, or go up close and personal with melee weapons such as swords.

The aesthetic draws on gloomy medieval architecture reminiscent of titles such as Diablo III or Dark Souls, though with a slightly hazy quality designed to invoke the world of dreams as you explore the mysterious castle in the clouds. The title features a progression system that is ‘Achievement Based’, created so now run through the game will ever be the same.

In Death is due to arrive on the Oculus Store in February 2018. Sólfar Studio has also indicated that the title will also be heading to HTC Vive, and there have been hints that the title could also be heading to other VR platforms such as the PlayStation VR.

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