The VR Arcade Is Going Mobile

Though location-based virtual reality (VR) centres such as the ones being set up by IMAX can offer a way to experience high-end VR experiences to those who can’t afford an expensive VR-ready PC, they can still prove a source of frustration to those not fortunate enough to live nearby a major city. Mobile Reality is offering a solution to this problem by making location-based VR more movable.

Designed and built as an attraction for events such as festivals, Mobile Reality have created a fully-customised trailer which contains eight high-end VR rigs. The trailer can offer daily VR racing or flight experiences and is capable of serving hundreds of customers per day.

Mobile Reality has announced a soft launch opening, where they will be offering the services of the mobile VR trailer free of charge over the course of three days. This will offer members of the public a chance to try out high-end VR and also has the potential to get investors interested in the project.

“We are excited to be rolling out the Mobile Reality Titan Trailer,” said co-owner Dave Rice. “Our experience gives people of any skill level the thrill of premium seated VR, networked together so that groups play together, at the same time in the same game.”

“The soft launch helps us finesse our practices and get the word out about our brand,” said co-owner Scott Belyea. “We aim to be the most efficient VR service available, a sit-down-and-go type of experience for all ages, while delivering the highest possible quality product. There’s enough second-rate VR out there posing as authentic and we want people to know us as the difference.”

The Mobile Reality Titan Trailer will be open to the public from 25th-27th January, 2018 at LaSalle College Vancouver. Further information and tickets can be found on the Mobile Reality website. Free tickets can be obtained using the promotional code MOBILEVR.

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