Space Bullet Seeks Eager Pilots for Closed Playtests of Vox Machinae

It’s been quite some time since developer Space Bullet released any details regarding its virtual reality (VR) compatible title  Vox Machinae. For those VR players keen to jump into giant mechs to battle one another will be please to hear Space Bullet has broken its silence to announce its seeking players to sign-up for a playtest due to take place next month. 


In a blog posting the studio has outlined what its been working on over the last year, listing a bunch of improvements:

  • Improving networking reliability and smoothness.
  • Optimizations to make better use of more CPU cores.
  • More dynamic music and new sound effects from a real deal audio person!
  • Streamlined menus for customizing your ideal loadout.
  • Virtual nose and blinders to assist those more sensitive to movement in VR.
  • Adding more robots and levels!
  • Improved leg motion that doesn’t run wild!
  • Little buildings around the levels so you feel big.
  • Geometry Tessellation for real cool terrain details.
  • More purdy dynamic lighting.

With its last public outing at Oculus Connect 3 in 2016, Vox Machinae is confirmed for Oculus Rift but no other headsets have been mentioned. However on the playtest signup application one of the questions asks whether you own a VR headset before offering a drop down list that mentions HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality devices. Whilst it’s not a confirmation that either of these platforms will see support – either in the playtest or when fully launched – as a multiplayer title the more devices Vox Machinae supports the better.


As with most closed playtests/betas run by developers seeking players, signing up doesn’t guarantee a slot. If you do get chosen then playtests are due to begin in early February, 2018.

In Vox Machinae players take control of enormous walking robots called GDRs or “Grinders”, bristling with weaponry. There will be five distinct Grinder chassis, each with their own benefits, which can be taken into offline, local network, or online gameplay with up to 16 players.

To mark the occasion Space Bullet has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing what’s in store. For any further updates from the studio, keep reading VRFocus.