Payday 2 VR Update Revamps Sight Aiming, Adds New Levels and More

Overkill has added a whole heap of new content to Payday 2 in time for the holiday season, but more importantly comes another new update for Payday 2 VR. Currently undergoing a beta testing phase, Payday 2 VR has clearly taken inspiration from the recent Fallout 4 VR discussions, improving the aim-down-sight system as well as adding more fresh content.

Payday 2 VR art

A new heist added to the core Payday 2 experience asks players to mask up and get their guns out to join Locke in wreaking some havoc in the streets of New York. This first ever Christmas heist was contracted by Bain, and now Locke is bringing players some soft presents to put on when you heist on Alaskan Deal.

For Payday 2 VR however, the latest update is much more mechanical. The biggest change comes to the aforementioned aim-down-sight system, which now triggers automatically when moving the gun sights within your line of sight.

“We have improved the Aim down sight system. From now on it will trigger when you hold the gun up in front of your eyes with either one or two hands,” reads the latest update from Overkill.

The full changelog for Payday 2 VR Beta follows below, verbatim from Overkill, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on the videogame.

Update VR Beta 1.5 Changelog

Update sizes:

Beta 1.4 – Beta 1.5 – 487,4MB
Main Branch to Beta 1.5 – 97,4MB


• Improved the ladder climbing system
• Fixed an issue where bags were thrown from the chest of clients instead of the hand
• Fixed an issue where you could grab a magazine with manual reload even if there was no bullets in the magazine
• Fixed an issue where the manual reload would display a full clip reload even when the player does not have enough ammo for it
• Improved the Aim Down sight system and removed two-handed trigger for ADS skills
• Removed the movement speed penalty while ADS is triggered
• Fixed issue where the player could interact and move at the same time with the direct movement system
• Fixed an issue where warp functionality was not interrupted by interactions
• Improved the wall check system for automatic weapon
• Disabled belt while being tased
• Disabled belt while being cuffed
• Prevented controller input during in the pause menu to affect gameplay
• Fixed so ingame vissual effects and waypoints won’t appear in the pause menu


• Added the Ksp 58
• Added the RPK
• Added the KSP
• Added the Brenner 21
• Added the Buzzsaw 42
• Added the Vulcan Minigun


• Added the Brooklyn Bank
• Added the Brooklyn 10-10
• Added the White Xmas
• Added the Jewelry Store
• Added the Ukrainian Job
• Added the Murky Station