Jazz up Your Greetings With OHO’s AR Cards

Currently there’s plenty of augmented reality (AR) development going on, whether its to do with videogames, education, training, retail and many more. The technology can be used to augment all sorts of things in everyday life which is why OHO Cards has created an IndieGoGO campaign for its AR greetings cards.

OHO AR Cards

What OHO Cards allow you to do is create your own video that can be uploaded to the company’s server. Once the recipient has received their card all they need to do is download the Android or iOS compatible app, scan the emoji inside the card using the app and the card will then come to life, showcasing the uploaded video.

As development continues OHO will then add 3D models to the experience which will then appear outside of the cards parameters, plus in January 2018 OHO plans on introducing a password protected feature to keep messages safe and secure.

The greeting cards are printed on Italian Fedrigoni paper and come in wax sealed envelopes.

OHO AR Cards 2

The campaign on IndieGoGo is looking to raise $5,000 USD by early January, but the goal is flexible so even if that total isn’t hit OHO will still raise funds. There are several funding tiers on offer, with the main featured one costing $25, supplying customers with 10 cards: 4 Birthdays, 2 Anniversaries, 2 Miss yous and 2 Congrats themed cards. If you just want to try the service out then there’s an $8 tier which will get you one AR card.

Or for those that really like the idea then how about the $110 tier. This will ensure you have cards for family and friends all year round with 50 cards supplied in a stylish box: 15 x Birthdays, 10 x Anniversary, 5 x Miss you, 5 x Congrats, 10 x I love you and 5 x Motivational.

Head on over to the website to find out more, and for the latest uses of AR around the world, keep reading VRFocus.