Exelus to Demonstrate Telemedicine Technology at CES 2018

In medicine, getting accurate images is a very important part of treatment, especially when it comes to surgery. This information forms a vital reference when it comes time to operate. Traditionally, surgeons were restricted to flat, 2D images of the patient, but augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) such as the technology offered by Exelus and Holoforge.

Exelus will be showcasing its telemedicine solution at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, 2018. The demonstration will include mobile platform Nomadeec, which allows users in the field to take advantage of MR technology. The MR technology was developed in partnership with Holoforge and offers medical professionals real-tine information in a hands-free manner using the Microsoft HoloLens.

During CES 2018, demonstrations of the Nomadeec application will take place, where real-life situations will be presented, showing how medical practioners can benefit from mixed reality in various ways.

The company believes that by leveraging the capabilities of the HoloLens, EMTs and paramedics will be able to respond more efficiently to the needs of patients, with real-time information on vitals, medical records and more available in a hands-free way, as well as the ability to teleconference with doctors in order to provide the best care in emergency situations.

Nomadeec is compatible with many existing diagnostic devices and can support up to ten bluetooth devices at any one time. The platform also offers extensive customisation options, so users can tailor the platform to the specific needs. The platform is compatible with Android, Apple and Windows-based tablets. A video demonstration of the Nomadeec platform is available to view below.

CES 2018 is due to take place on 9th-12th January, 2018 in Las Vegas. VRFocus will continue to bring you news on what you can expect from the show.