PlayStation VR’s Upcoming MOBA Title Dark Eclipse Gets English Trailer

At the recent PlayStation Experience this month Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) had a few choice PlayStation VR titles on show for the first time. One of which was SunSoft’s Dark Eclipsea multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) experience that was first unveiled during the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017. The title has been confirmed for an American release in Spring 2018, and for those keen to see more a new English trailer has been made.

Dark Eclipse screenshot

As the trailer details, players will be able to choose three characters (Leaders) from a roster of over 20 to control in battle, from demonic looking creatures like Zoif, Laaila, Dosmelda and Ejin, to more classic style heroes like Aska and Sakura. Unlike normal MOBA titles where players have to flip between their location in an arena and a mini-map for a wider view of the combat, in Dark Eclipse it’s all handled in one view, so there’s no mini-map.

Battles are won by either defeating an opponents leaders or destroying their base. Along the way they’ll have fortifications to destroy and you’ll be able to build your own as well.

SunSoft revealed more gameplay details to VRFocus last month, so Dark Eclipse will feature two online gameplay modes: Rank Mode and eSport. At launch there will be a focus on 1-vs-1 mode, with Sunsoft adding 2-vs-2, and eventually incorporating 3-vs-3 matches.

There will be tutorials and a practice mode in Dark Eclipse so that players new to the genre can fight against A.I. bots, building up their skill level and knowledge before heading online. There will be rewards as players gain more experience, carrying forward regardless of solo, casual mode or rank mode. Additionally, players will have the option to use one or two PlayStation Move controllers, or a DualShock 4, or a combination of both.

For the latest updates on Dark Eclipse, keep reading VRFocus.