Farpoint’s Versus Expansion Pack Now Available, Adds Two PvP Modes

A month ago, developer Impulse Gear announced that its virtual reality (VR) first-person shooter (FPS) Farpoint would be getting a new update which would allow players to go head-to-head. That DLC, called ‘Versus Expansion Pack’ is now available for PlayStation VR gamers.

The update is centred around the two new PvP modes: Deathmatch and Uplink, the latter of which sees communication relays dropped into the play area that the player must capture and hold to gain points. Points are also awarded for killing the other player and enemy AI.

Farpoint Permafrost

There’s not only two new modes to player through, Impulse Gear also included three new maps – Underworld, Pipeline, and Permafrost – each with 3 areas, with every PvP round taking place in a different/separate area.

While the two modes are purely one on one, the maps can be strategically used to build up a team. They can do this by capturing enemy spawn points. If successful enemies will then fight on the players side, with each enemy type offering different functions and abilities. So a Grunt will stay near players and act as bodyguards, Drones will scan and search for the other player, while Goobers act as artillery, lobbing acid balls down on the enemy player and enemy AI.

Impulse Gear hasn’t stopped there either. Players will also be able to find 15 new weapons and three new skins, all unlocked by gaining player and weapon XP awarded in Challenge, Co-Op and PvP game modes. There are 16 player levels in total unlocking a new player icon for each level. Every 5 levels unlocks one of the 3 new player skins. As for the guns, there are 15 levels for each weapon class with players able to unlock a new weapon in that class every 5 levels.

Just to round things off, smaller extras include a Chaos difficulty for co-op playthroughs, new turning comfort settings and a crouch toggle button for when players are sat down.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Impulse Gear and Farpoint, reporting back with the latest updates.