RYOT Studios Reveal Consumer Infographic

As we come towards the end of another year we can easily say that 2017 has been quite the year in terms of activity and announcements. And that’s not just for virtual reality (VR) but certainly for augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) as well, with each form of immersive technology receiving significant additions that changed the landscape.

For AR it would be extremely hard to argue against the reveal of both ARKit and ARCore (and more specifically the former) being one of the most significant announcements throughout the whole of 2017. Whilst MR’s role in the conversation that is immersive technologies has been helped massively by the role out of the Windows Mixed Reality range of head mounted displays (HMDs).

RYOT_vr HeaderSince the year is winding down we’re naturally more inclined to look back as well as forward; so a number of outlets are beginning to roll out their end of year analyses and market predictions for 2018 but beyond to 2022 and 2024

The latest of these is an infographic released by RYOT Studios which charts not just new AR and VR but 360 video as well.

RYOT are another studio that have had a particularly busy year. Following their acquisition by AOL in April last year and subsequent move into providing content for The Huffington Post, RYOT announced the launch of RYOT Lab, a space to “provide creative, production, engineering, animation, and development support to brands in order to create immersive format branded content and experiences” providing “white label VR and AR production” for the company. RYOT also got heavily involved in MR following the launch of the aforementioned Windows Mixed Reality HMDs. Launching an app in October that contained more than 50 original experiences for MR users to enjoy.

According to the data compiled by RYOT Studio – and visible in the infographic below – 68% of consumers have watched videos featuring VR technology formatting at least once and 50% of consumers have experienced AR videos “at least once a week”. Likewise over half of those questioned by RYOT have engaged with a form of 360 degree video.

VRFocus will bring you more news on RYOT Studio’s activities as we get news on them.