British VR/AR Startup Immotion Group Raises £1.3 million

Immotion Group, a UK-based technology startup that specialises in location-based virtual reality (VR) experiences has announced a £1.3 million investment to help launch its platform in Europe and the US.

Securing the funding from a range of strategic investors, Immotion Group was set up by Martin Higginson and David Marks, experienced technology and media entrepreneurs whose successes include Netplay TV and Monstermob which grew to become one of AIM’s Top 50 listed businesses.

Immotion Group

Immotion’s VR Experience Platforms are a combination of motion activated chairs to deliver that feeling of presence inside a VR experience, alongside immersive audio and high-end visuals, from custom made in-house content. Recently, the group made a couple of strategic acquisitions in the form of Manchester-based CGI creative house, Studio Liddell, and LA-based creative movie maker, C2K. Both companies will help bolster Immotion’s ability to produce bespoke content for its platforms, whether it be 360-degree real life movies or CGI originated interactive experiences.

“The best VR experiences will be out of home allowing you to engage all the senses to deliver something truly immersive. We’ve spent the last 12 months understanding the immersive reality market which has had $4 billion invested in it over the last two years,” said Martin Higginson, CEO, Immotion Group, in a statement. “We have seen what is needed to deliver a great experience. Bringing together the best VR motion platforms along with amazing immersive content will allow us to help users genuinely escape reality.”

Customers for Immotion’s VR Experience Platforms are expected to include shopping centres and theme parks, with the first to be installed at VRStar in Bristol. VRStar is scheduled to open on 15th December, 2017, with reservations already being taken.

Orders for the Immotion VR platforms were further underpinned following a successful outing to IAAPA in Florida, with the team securing further orders for centres in Europe and USA.

December is looking to be a good month for VR fans. Not only has DOOM VFR arrived and Fallout 4 VR is due to launch next week, but for UK residents there’s The VOID’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire which opens in London on 16th December.

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