Life In 360°: From Coal, To Synthetic Gas, To Synthetic Oil

The process of providing energy to homes and business is continuing to go through a revolution throughout the world. Humanity requires more power than ever before and as such the demands on the various national grids grow ever greater too.

As such we are consuming more and more resources in our need to produce greater and greater levels of power. With technology also evolving countries continue to develop new strategies, looking to new forms and sources of energy. Be these hitherto untapped natural resources, such as traditional fossil fuels – coal, gas and oil. Acquired through traditional mining practices or alternatively more controversial methods such as fracking, over which arguments still rage. It might be nuclear power, at the same time as it is being debated as to whether or not the fuel has a future within the UK, works are underway over in both Brazil and Russia on new nuclear-related projects.

Then of course there are the green fuels. With most all countries signed up to the Paris Climate Change agreement, reducing carbon output is most definitely part of the agenda going forward for the majority of the world’s nations. Solar power and wind power are becoming more prominent as the technology develops and countries that have invested in the infrastructure are already seeing returns with energy prices falling and larger percentages of the grid’s power being taken over by each.

All of this does not mean that fossil fuels are not as important now as ten or twenty years ago and today’s video focuses specifically on that area of energy and mining.

The video comes from South African energy and chemicals firm Sasol Limited, who have bene operating in the country since the 1950’s. Sasol was, in fact the very first company in the world to focus on the production of oil from coal and coal is very much still part of their DNA. The video, which is educational in nature, takes viewers on a trip to Sasol Secunda, the largest facility of its type in the Sasol group which sits according to the company 90 minutes away from the capital city of Johannesburg.

Join robot guide Echo as she tells you all about just what the facility does in this virtual tour.