Oculus Go Headsets Are Now Shipping to Developers

Oculus Go, the upcoming standalone VR headset from the makers of Rift, is now arriving to developers looking to get a jump start on creating apps for what promises to be an affordable VR solution at just $200.

First reported by VRScout, the developer who sent in the photos can’t share any hardware specifications as such, but has taken a number of photos.

image courtesy VRScout

It appears the dev kit has reconfirmed the existence of fresnel lenses, a departure from its mobile VR forbear Gear VR which had standard refractive lenses. From the photo, the lenses appear to have much more noticeable ‘ridge’ than Rift. The company has said these are their “best lenses yet,” although it’s uncertain what makes them so special at this point.

image courtesy VRScout

Interestingly enough, the developer who spoke with VRScout redacted a large bit on the top of the headset. The promotional photos show it to be entirely clean, so it’s possible the space was used to display identifying information on who the headset belongs to.

Lastly, the facial interface appears to be a fair bit more comfortable in comparison to Rift, a welcome change for many. We’re hoping the thick padding is as squishy as it looks.

image courtesy VRScout

Applications for Oculus Go dev kits first opened up back in October. The portal to make requests for Go dev kits appears to still be open, although it’s uncertain if the company is still entertaining applications.

Oculus Go is slated for an early 2018 release, starting at just $200. Considering it aims to meet or beat Gear VR’s technical abilities at a fraction of the price of a Samsung flagship phone and the separate headset, the all-in price of $200 looks to usher in a new age of high-quality, low price mobile VR with Oculus at the helm.

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