Desert Bus Returns in VR Today Developed By Borderlands Dev

Desert Bus Returns in VR Today Developed By Borderlands Dev

Earlier in the year we found out that Desert Bus, a videogame originally developed as part of a minigame collection for famous magicians Penn & Teller, was being reinvisioned in VR. From today, though, you’ll be able to play it.

Desert Bus VR will be launching later today on Steam with HTC Vive support. The news was revealed during this year’s Desert Bus For Hope charity event, which included a livestream of the game that you can see below. It looks, well, like Desert Bus in VR.

No idea what that means? Well, Desert Bus has a bit of a cult following simply because it’s so strange. It tasked players with driving between Tuscon, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada in real-time at a maximum speed of 45 mph. This takes a full eight hours to complete and, should you mess up, it’s back to the start. Oh and the game can’t be paused, so no toilet breaks for you.

We haven’t played the game so we’re not exactly sure how much of that experience remains intact, though we’re willing to bet it’s going to require the same amount of exhausting dedication. The environments, meanwhile, have been reimagined in 3D for VR and you’ll have Vive’s hand-controllers to let you interact with the bus in a much more realistic fashion.

Is it bad that we’re oddly excited to play this? And they say VR has no killer app.