Latest Chapter of Discovery TRVLR Explores Armenian Culture

The first six chapters of the virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video series Discovery TRVLR was launched at the beginning of November, 2017. Created by a partnership between Discovery Communications and Google. The latest chapter of the series has now been launched on the Discovery TRVLR app and YouTube.

The Discovery TRVLR series aims to bring viewers on a trip through all seven continents to explore the culture and sights around the world. The latest chapter takes viewers of Yerevan, Armenia to witness the traditions, culture and challenges of the people who live in that region.

The chapter is divided into several episodes. Entertainer follows the story of Hovsep Beglaryan, one of the last Armenian tightrope dancers, showing the fight the last few practitioners of this art face in order to keep the tradition alive. Explorer shows the quest of Tom Allen, who after a career exploring the world, has settled in Armenia to spend his time mapping trails deep in the forests of Armenia. Guru takes viewers underground into the world of Armenian priest Taron Ghoulekyan, who is keeping alive rituals and traditions that date back to the earliest days of Christianity. Renegade shows viewers the vision of Tigran Chibukhchyan, who has unique ideas of how to progress industry in Armenia. This episode will take viewers on trips across fields and flying over mountain tops as Chibukhchyan details his ideas for the future of his native land.

The full 38 episodes of the series are available to view in 360-degrees on desktops and mobile devices through YouTube, the Discovery TRVLR app or through the Discovery TRVLR website. The series can also be viewed in VR using a Google Daydream or Google Cardboard headset by using the Discovery TRVLR VR app.

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