Moss Demo Available Tomorrow On PlayStation VR

Ever since it was initially revealed at E3 earlier this year, Moss has captured the hearts of videogame fans worldwide, starring as it does the adorable mouse called Quill. For those who just can’t wait to play alongside the cute mouse, the PlayStation VR Demo Disc, featuring Moss alongside other titles, will be available tomorrow.

Developer Polyarc first revealed Moss during E3 to overwhelmingly positive response. The title was shown to be and action platformer, with players controlling Quill and guiding her through caves, forests and ancient ruins containing mysterious artefacts and strange creatures, solving puzzles and exploring the environment.

VRFocus released a preview of the title back in June, where it received high praise, saying: “After just one short play, the tease of more taxing puzzles and the forming of a non-verbal relationship with the adorable Quill is very compelling. The hope is high that Polyarc will carve a lengthy adventure that takes full advantage of the mechanics that have been laid out in this early demo.”


Though it had been previously reported that the second PlayStation VR Demo Disc would be available for PlayStation VR users from tomorrow, it wasn’t clear just what titles would be available. Many players will no doubt be delighted to get a glimpse of the gameplay of Moss. It has still yet to be confirmed what other titles will be available with the Demo Disc.

Players who discover a liking for the adventures of Quill will be able to pre-order Moss, and will receive an exclusive dynamic theme and avatar for doing so.

Moss is expected to be released on 27th February, 2018, priced at £24.99 (GBP)/$29.99(USD). The Demo Disc will be available for free download from the PlayStation Store from tomorrow, 8th November, 2017.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Moss as it becomes available.