Home Depot Partner With OmniVirt for 360 Degree Experience

As virtual reality (VR) develops as an industry and moves towards the mainstream, a number of brands and companies are experimenting with VR and 360-degree video for advertising and marketing. Though this sector is still in relative infancy, OmniVirt have already emerged as a major figure in this area, which is likely why companies such as Home Depot have partnered with the company.

Home Depot joins several other companies and brands who are using OmniVirt technology to launch 360-degree advertising campaigns, such as the one Home Depot launched on Pinterest, in which a video demonstrated how an audience could use Home Depot products to create their ideal bathroom or living room.

Similarly, Clorox used OmniVirt’s platform to produce an interactive 360-degree videogame to promote its new line of Fresh Step cat litter, where users would need to find the cats hidden throughout a room as quickly as possible, then share their best time on social media.

“Compared with linear 360° video, interactive 360° content creates an opportunity for consumers to actively engage and choose their own adventure,” notes Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt. “We are seeing our customers looking to supplement their 360° video and photos with interactive and engaging experiences that allow them to dive deeper into the experience.”

Another company engaging with customers using the OmniVirt VR platform is Bloomin Brands, who created 360-degree content to promote its Flemings Steakhouse. The interactive experience allowed the audience to tour some of the wineries where the restaurant sources its wines.

You can watch the Home Depot Pinterest video below.

Use of VR and 360-degree video is becoming increasingly popular as a method of marketing and promotion. VRFocus will continue to report on new developments in this area.