Gunfire Games’ From Other Suns Open Beta Weekend is now Live

At the beginning of the month Chronos developer announced that its next virtual reality (VR) title From Other Suns would be giving Oculus Rift owners free beta access over the course of this weekend. It’s certainly going to be a long weekend as the beta has now gone live and won’t close until Monday, 2nd October at 12:00 AM PST.

The fourth title from Gunfire Games to hit the Oculus platform, From Other Suns features both single-player and multiplayer first-person combat (FPS) that’s been built specifically for Oculus Touch. Set in space with ruthless pirates, lethal robots, and deadly aliens in your way, players will be able to upgrade their ship, stockpile weapons, and more as they explore the galaxy.

From Other Suns’ beta will restrict players to a certain degree. So they’ll only be able to perform ten FTL jumps and if they run out of organic crew members (or if the ship is destroyed), your the mission is over.

“Randomization is a key element in From Other Suns,” explains Gunfire Games Development Director Ben Gabbard. “It affects the weapons, the encounters, the characters, and the level design. This helps to keep the game fresh and interesting for players the first time or the hundredth time they play. It also means that jumping into a friend’s game will yield a unique experience each time—it’s never the same experience twice.”

VRFocus managed to preview the title earlier this year during the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2017, saying: “There’s a lot going for From Other Suns. It’s great to just look at, from the ship’s corridors, dials and gun detailing to the animation of enemies, everything feels solid and robust. The gameplay mechanics work nicely, the guns are rewarding to use as you blow apart another robot, and movement options are extensively covered.”

As yet Gunfire Games hasn’t confirmed an official release date for From Other Suns, when it does VRFocus will let you know.