Immersion Chess VR Updates Brings Cross-Platform Gameplay to VR and Desktop

Virtual reality (VR) studio Immersion released its latest videogame Immersion Chess VR back in May, allowing gamers to play the classic board game in VR. Now the developer has released a new update bringing cross-platform compatibility to the title.

Whether you’re playing Immersion Chess VR on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or on desktop, you’ll now be able to compete against another player on those platforms in real-time. In VR players can experience a realistic scaled environment and chessboard, with full interactivity to pick up and move objects or topple the chessboard.

Immersion Chess VR screenshot 2

Players can change the scenery of the videogame choosing to stage their chess match on a Championship stage, a modern apartment building, or a space station.

“Our main goal when developing Immersion Chess was to create a game that would enable owners of almost any gaming platform to play chess together, in the most realistic way possible. Immersion Chess is unique, not only in its use of virtual reality but also in the fact that it is the first VR game in history that allows owners of different types of VR equipment and standard computers to engage in a chess match with one another”, explains Aleksander Dumański, Immersion in a statement. “Regardless of the gaming platform used, users of this game can meet at the same chessboard and put their skills to the test. Even if players are physically located in opposite corners of the world, as long as they have internet access, the game is on.”

The base version of Immersion Chess VR is free on Steam with two DLC add-ons also available: Environment – Space, which features holographic pieces and a no gravity location for £1.59 GBP. And Advanced AI, which has been designed for more experienced chess players, retailing for £1.99.

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